For the last 20 years, Signature has offered discounted AvGas on the weekends through their Weekend Takeoff™ program and, through their TailWins™ program, offered points for every gallon of AvGas purchased. We value our customer’s loyalty and strive to keep our facilities up to the highest industry standards through our many capital improvement programs.

Signature Tailwins
Weekend TakeOff

Pioneers of Aviation

After the First World War, aircraft were relatively inexpensive and many ex-military aircraft were available for private purchase. Aviation experienced a huge surge in popularity and many new pilots began soaring across the country.

These pilots became known as “barnstormers” because they would land in farmers’ fields instead of at traditional airports, often lodging their planes in a friendly farmer’s barn. In 1926, the government imposed licensing requirements for pilots with the U.S. Air Commerce Act. Pilots established themselves at fixed addresses to meet the regulations, giving rise to the term “Fixed Base Operations (FBOs).” In the 1920s, barnstormers, like Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart relied on FBOs to service their aircrafts. Others followed suit and FBOs soon became essential to general aviation. That pioneering spirit inspires us here at Signature. We strive to keep our facilities at the highest industry standard or beyond, often introducing innovative techniques or procedures that are later adopted by FBOs across the industry.

Signature Flight Support is proud to continue that tradition. Since the merger of Page AvJet and Butler Aviation in 1992, Signature Flight Support has grown to become the world’s largest network of FBOs. Today, with over 200 locations providing industry-leading service, Signature’s worldwide network of FBOs delivers essential support services for business and private aviation including refueling, hangarage, maintenance, repair and overhaul, and a variety of other world-class amenities with exceptional customer service.

The services provided by FBOs are part of the backbone of general aviation and are the gateway to local communities. Signature is proud to be a part of the FBO community and will continue to raise the bar by innovating, engaging within local communities, and inspiring a new generation to fly. While aviation may look a lot different than when Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh soared across the skies, it’s still one of our nation’s greatest pastimes and proudest achievements. At Signature, we are proud to evolve with it.

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